Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Fucker

In the last few weeks as the the face of DFW lay covered in ice, with a break here and there to drive around in it, I was driving west bound on the 635. I hate the 635. It terrifies me, I think everyone on that road is on meth and slightly suicidal, and I used to ride it on a highway legal chinese imitation Vespa. This was a little like a glorified bicycle, and my neighbors were tail gaiting Ford F-150s.

Driving in my car on this cold day, on the devil's highway I saw him! About the size of a small house I saw the Liitle Fucker. Not the picture you see above, because that was taken by another person in a different sighting of this powerful graffiti meme making its little dance with the metroplex. I wish I had a photograph of the Little Fucker as I saw him, the whole thing was a little like a prehistoric religious experience. The Little Fucker found me first online, and then appeared to me in the real world.

This image was found in Austin, showing the juju is indeed far reaching.

I first learned of this little creature, usually referred to as "bomb walking", or "walking bomb guy smoking cigar." But I have rechristened him: Little Fucker.

I found all of this rich information on a website known as reddit, its users as redditors, in a sub-reddit called /r/dallas.

This website, specifically /r/dallas , is much like the Little Fucker. It is locals marking their territory. It is people who are outgoing, intelligent, usually in the know, talking about where they live. DFW.

The "threads" which follow the Little Fucker are here and can give you a good taste.

UPDATE: Pic of walking bomb guy smoking cigar

Seen around DFW, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Irving, Coppell, Carl's Corner

Walking Cigar Bomb Guy Graffiti (this one is my favorite because the redditor didn't have a picture, but his itch to find this meme was so strong he drew it on his computer

If you can vibe my need to feel this kind of connection with the place you live then you are perfect for r/dallas.

The redditors on r/dallas post about good places to eat, bands, places to get coffee, local news you need to know about, and has been one of my top sources along with the Dallas Observer and Lit Monthly for whats going on. I totally recommend it.

But even if you are not interested in another geek meme drinking hole for DFW, if you see the Little Fucker, smile. You have just been chased by a meme from a powerful 21st century cave painter.


  1. great! it's really an excellent topic.

  2. There are 3 on joesy lane in farmers branch .. one on building by kroger an 2 on sidewalk wall ... one off george bush an 35 by dart station .. 2 on denton rd behind harry hines ... there are 9 on the way to austin an ten on the way back from austin ./. 1 off loop 12 an 35 on wall ... i know where at least 25 are ... i was wondering what it means is it a bad thing or what ?